Mike Rowe Makes Intestines for Cut Suits! | Dirty Jobs | Discovery (2023)


Mike helps make the organs that go into cut suits!
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Mike Rowe Makes Intestines for Cut Suits! | Dirty Jobs | Discovery


Ace shows me around the production shop where the cut suits, and their contents are manufactured.

A lot of the parts that we build start right.

Here with Michael.

Mike, is it? Likewise.

Michael specializes in creating the organs that go inside the cut suits.


You work primarily with intestines and stomachs, or do, you do all sorts of liver.

And skin.

As well? You're a skin guy.

First job.

Inject some silicone into an intestine mold.

Oh, no.

I've got a leak here.

That's okay.

That's a good sign.

That's okay.

That's okay.

There we go.

So it's coming out.

Uh huh.

And it's going to continue down.

I've never made an intestine before.

Michael, This is the kind of place where a leaky colon means you're doing it, right? Is that an average amount of runoff? No, that is above average.

Which is a nice way of saying below average., Once, filled, the mold is left to bake inside the giant oven.

The parts.

Will bake for four hours at 200°C.

While in the oven, I help Michael wheel out something called the 6 in 1.


The 6 in 1 is the skin that envelops, the cut suit.


I'm, still, not sure why they call it a 6 in 1.

So now, we're.

Just going to grab our pneumatic opener., All, right., Did.

You just call.

That, a pneumatic opener?, Yes, I, did., It's, great., Another tool, I, haven't, haven't, seen before.

The pneumatic.

Opener is a custom tool designed to unlock the silicone molds.

I, can't, decide if this is a big moment or a small moment., I mean.

It could be a big moment., All, right., We're going to push this gently forward.



You go.

Turns out to be a pretty small moment.

All, right.

We have the front of our skin.

And then we'll take out this.

This core.

That falls, forward., Yep., There.

It is.

So far, I've made a few vats of some very realistic blood with Ace.

And now I'm cutting the very realistic skin from a torso removed moments ago from a very realistic oven.

People tuning in right now are going to have a lot of questions.

Now it's on to Emily, who actually runs the department.

I think look at me walking like I know where I'm going.

Emily., Yes, Hello?, Oh, well, where., Are.

You going? You're, not going to need gloves.



These gloves have served their purpose.

Are you in charge? I, am., Well, I'm in charge of the production.


Emily takes a hands on approach to her work or hands in, to be precise.

So here we have our cut, suit, vest., All of these organs.

Go inside of it.

This guy is going to go in the bottom kidneys.


You got to get this through this bottom hole here.

This would be the aorta, probably., Yes., Very, good., All, right., So, I'm going to go ahead and hit some.

That'll just help.

It slide.

Easier., Well, there's.

Nothing wrong with a little lubrication.


Does this protrusion go through as well? Yep.

It goes through all of it.

Yeah, it'll fit all right.

I, don't, know, man., Seems, like a mighty big tube for a little tiny, hole., That, heart's, a mess.

I know.

That is a rough heart, right? There.

Also, it's.

A liver.

What are you laughing? At, Michael? You, just make your skin's mind.

Your business.

Here's, the heart.

Here's, the heart.


This heart shaped thing? This is it.


Oh, be right about there.

Right., There.

You go.


You go., Right, there., Give, me., A, beat.


But you know what this means.

I have a heart on.


You say, that?, A, heart, on.

Oh, What is the matter with you? Honestly scandalized.

You're going to want this and they're upside.


I, know., Okay., Okay., You're testing me on that one.

Shove them in there.


You spray more alcohol in there, it'll all slide.

In., I mean.

Nobody has ever said, there's just too much lubrication.


This tube seems to be twisted up.

Is this a problem? The tube should try to go through the top.



You got them flipped.


You do that? I've, never seen that happen.

Well, that's., Impressive., I, try and do new things.



I would do this.


Do you think it goes?? The, liver., The, liver?, Down in this area.

Maybe, a little higher., Yeah, Maybe, right behind the kidney.

Or, maybe right in front of the kidney.

Hey, that's, where that goes.

Now, that's a level of liver, disease, though., That's., Well, that's, a bad day, right? There., That's, an explosion that got hit with some shrapnel.

You don't survive, a liver.

Well, fortunately.

The liver, you know.

You can cut out a section and it'll.

You know, dear me, can't, drink, anymore, but., Well, what's.

The point? Yeah, what's.

The point? This is what you were helping Michael make.

You helped to make this.

That's, right., Yeah.

I'm, just gonna fix this.

Bringing, literally minutes of experience to the task at hand.

Steady as she goes.

I'm going to help you out here.


We go.

Look at that.

Look at that.

Look at that.

All by yourself., Not really.

You were right, there, Emily.


They can cut that out.

Well, it's, not that kind of show, I'm afraid.

This is your butthole right? Here.

Right? It's got to be.

So the colon.

I mean, that's, the anus.


Or, our butthole, as you so eloquently, put it.

Family, show.

Hard to know where to draw the line.

Sometimes, the technical terms are more horrifying than the colloquial.


That's, fair.


The turd cutter goes where?.

I got you.

You got Tracy.

Everybody laughs at turd cutter.


The last step is the visceral lining, which kind of holds it all in place.

Yep., Yep., Locks, in., And.

Then once this is all built.

It goes on a person.


Then we put a skin on top of it.


Just always wanted to do that.

Oh, yeah, I can do anything with it.

I was going to say, I, wouldn't use that with terror.



You want to put it on?, Why, not?, The fruits of your labor.

Now pull that up.


We want your collarbone to be close to your actual collarbone.

Uh huh.


We go.

Like when you operate on a person in a simulation.

Is there, a person wearing this thing? Yeah., The, really the., Full thing and there's a there's a pelvis that can strap on.

You have the skin over it.

You get a lot more like educational benefit off of like putting a tourniquet on a real human.

A mannequin just lies there.

You know.


You, see like a real human face to what you're doing.


A lot more real, a lot more beneficial of a training.

I, don't know if I'd hire you, but you didn't break, anything., So, we're, good now., You get to wear that the rest of the day.



You can just proceed.


Great., No., I know, what you're thinking.

You're, thinking., Sure, Mike, It looks real, But.

What about the smell? Hey, guys.

How are you?.


We've showed up with the smell.

Are you the liquid guys? Are.

You the liquid guys? I first stumbled across liquid ass years ago, back when fart Products held a certain appeal for me.


Remember, this stuff.

I'm, sure it doesn't affect you whatsoever.

Back him, up., Oh, God, I.

Remember that.


It's all coming back to me if you're not familiar with it.

This is liquid ass.


Something you can buy.

It's a basically a fart prank., Yes., A, bad, smell, prank.

You can tell that because it says fart, prank.

Right on the on the thing.

And, so, Ace, you're, actually making what.

We're going to call it.



This is like fecal matter that you would find kind of scattered around in the abdomen.

When there's been a trauma.

So that's, the job right now to get these synthetic poop into the synthetic intestine.

That's, strategic operations.

Realism is the only thing that matters.

And if you're going to cut into a body with leaking intestines.

The smell of fecal matter is not left to the imagination.


The smell has got to be real.

And, trust, me, it's, coming out.


It is.

That's, okay., I, mean, that's.

What it would do, right? It would do so.

Through that whole same thing.


Go one, direction., Like, the band.


You listen to them?, No, I, don't, know., I've, never heard.

I, don't., The, secret ingredient in every ASP that would be ace liquid.



You can do with that is kind of prick into the intestines.

I have a whole section right there.

Laying out for you.

There's got to be a big day for you guys., Oh, it's., Yes., Unbelievable., Living, the dream, selling ass for a living.


This is just as good as that.

But now, you're past the prank stage, man.

You're, actually, you know, you're, actually, helping save lives.


The next level.

And now, I'm really wondering, what's going to happen next.


What did Mike Rowe sell on QVC? ›

Back in the early nineties when Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe was starting out at QVC on the overnight shift, selling such items as the Ten Piece Unbreakable Dinner Service and collectible dolls, the station would receive occasional letters extolling his talents.

How many times has Mike Rowe been married? ›

Mike has never been engaged or married. Rumours about Rowe dating Danielle Burgio turned out to be false because people discovered she was married to Robert Merrill. Danielle is a renowned actress, stuntwoman, and film producer.

Is Mike Rowe a veteran? ›

Mike Rowe might not have served in the military himself, but that doesn't mean he's not an advocate for active service members and veterans.

What host did QVC let go? ›

On March 1, longtime hosts Carolyn Gracie and Dan Hughes announced they were leaving the TV network. "After 19 years, I am no longer working at QVC," Carolyn wrote on Facebook. "I have loved every minute of my time there, especially the opportunity to get to know all of YOU.

What is Mike Rowe's net income? ›

Mike Rowe's Net Worth is estimated to be $35 million dollars. Mike Rowe is known for his work on the Discovery Channel series 'Dirty Jobs' and the series 'Somebody's Gotta Do It'. Mike Rowe earned a $4 Million salary annually from Discovery and Nat Geo channels.

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