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Available babysitters in Houston, TX

17 years paid experience 6 miles $ 18–25/hr (5) Hello! I am a recent college graduate, and have been working exclusively as a nanny/babysitter since graduation for 5 years. I have been caring for children for 17 years though altogether, since I was a young teenager myself. I was a preschool teacher for two years while attending college at my loca... Complete First Aid Training Badge Icon Complete CPR Certification Badge Icon $ 18–25/hr
4 years paid experience 5 miles $ 15–35/hr (1) I love children of all ages. I have experience with infants, toddlers, preschool and older kids. I enjoy teaching them new things and helping them explore and seeing how they learn new things everyday. I have experience with multiples (twins), and singles. My recent nanny job was caring for a set of... Complete Basic Background Check Badge Icon Complete First Aid Training Badge Icon Complete CPR Certification Badge Icon $ 15–35/hr
4 years paid experience 5 miles $ 20–25/hr (2) I am a diligent and gregarious caregiver with six years of experience working in a facility And nannying for ages 0-12 years old. I have experience managing high pressure and high energy classrooms and teaching young students their basic class subjects, the importance of being kind, calm, and mindfu... Complete First Aid Training Badge Icon Complete CPR Certification Badge Icon $ 20–25/hr
10 years paid experience 10 miles $ 18–25/hr (4) Hi!! Im Julie Le, I am 22 years old! Most experience I have working with kids is a babysitter for many different families! Ive been babysitting/nannying for around 10 years now! I also have a younger sibling which helps with my experience! Please message me for references! Thank you Complete Basic Background Check Badge Icon Complete First Aid Training Badge Icon Complete CPR Certification Badge Icon $ 18–25/hr
2 years paid experience 12 miles $ 18–22/hr (2) I am the first grandchild and I always loved lending a helping hand. It was absolutely amazing witnessing these kids and their huge milestones. Working with children reminds me of how amazing and exciting the world can be. I absolutely love seeing things from their eyes. I feel like children encoura... Complete First Aid Training Badge Icon Complete CPR Certification Badge Icon $ 18–22/hr
7 years paid experience 12 miles $ 12–17/hr (6) My passion for children began young so, at the tender age of 11 years old, I became certified through American Red Cross. I began to babysit throughout my middle school and high school years. As a junior in high school, I was accepted in to a preschool program where I became a recognized preschool t... Complete First Aid Training Badge Icon Complete CPR Certification Badge Icon $ 12–17/hr
7 years paid experience 5 miles $ 16–20/hr (2) Hello! My name is Jenelle and I am the perfect person to watch over your little ones! I have over 7 years in child care. I have My associates in Early Childhood-6 and I’m currently in the process of obtaining my bachelors. I also worked as a lead teacher at a daycare and I am currently working for a... Complete First Aid Training Badge Icon Complete CPR Certification Badge Icon $ 16–20/hr
12 years paid experience 10 miles $ 15–20/hr (5) My name is Suzie and kids react well to me because I am so calm, patient, upbeat, and attentive. I have many years of experience caring for children of all age groups, and particularly newborns, infants, and toddlers. As your babysitter, I will be protective, compassionate and caring. I can offer y... Complete Enhanced Background Check Badge Icon Complete First Aid Training Badge Icon Complete CPR Certification Badge Icon $ 15–20/hr

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More babysitters in Houston

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Babysitting FAQs

The national typical hourly rate of babysitters in 2022 is $17.50 per hour. Rates can vary based on your babysitter's experience, certifications, and travel expenses. When calculating the cost of child care, you should also account for the number of children they'll care for and additional responsibilities like household tasks or homework help. Learn more about how to set competitive rates for attracting the best babysitters.

The best way to find babysitters near you is to post a job detailing your needs on Sittercity, which will be shared with our community of available babysitters. We'll notify you when sitters apply to your job, and from there you can proceed with interviews, background checks, and reference checks so you can find the perfect fit for your family.

You can find experienced and passionate babysitters near you to provide the best care for your child, either in-home or virtually. Babysitters can help families with managing strict schedules, transportation to activities, homework help, last-minute coverage, date nights, and more. Whatever occasion you're looking to find a babysitter for, including full-time, part-time, or last-minute care, you can count on Sittercity for finding passionate and experienced babysitters.

Families find trustworthy babysitters on Sittercity who are passionate about providing safe and enriching care for their children. Many babysitters report they are First Aid and CPR certified to provide the best care for your family. Babysitters have the option to complete regular background checks, and you can easily request a recent background check if they don’t have one or it is not recent. Families can also request to see professional references!

Our dedicated team also champions safety across our platform every day. Babysitters go through an identity verification process with Berbix when registering an account. Some additional safety measures include Family Watchdog screening, sitter reviews, and secure messaging.

Babysitters and nannies share the same primary responsibility of providing safe and enriching care for your child, but there are a few differences between them. Babysitters are typically hired for occasional work on an irregular schedule. If you’re looking for last-minute care for date night, or the occasional few hours after school, a babysitter is a great option.

Nannies, on the other hand, are more commonly associated with regular work, whether full or part-time, offering daily or consistent care to a particular family. There are also several different types of nannies, including au pairs, house managers, doulas, live-in, and overnight nannies.

Identifying the type and frequency of child care you’ll need is the best way to decide whether a babysitter or nanny is a better fit for your family.

Babysitters on Sittercity love providing enriching experiences for your children, and sharing their passions with them. They're happy to participate in outdoor activities like sports, or indoor activities like music, baking, tutoring help, and art. Wherever your child's interests lie, babysitters on Sittercity are prepared to engage them in a nurturing way.

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